Tuesday, May 5, 2009

escapade updates

so two events to catch up on.

first is from a couple of weeks ago when a troupe of us went to ma gallery. kate was incapacitated due to reasons unknown (the marijuana times) and was caught spewing in the gutter. definitely glad to have her known as my friend in public.

so here's a tribute to kate greening out:

yes we just stood there laughing at her and sticking our phones in her face. best. friends . ever.

then she passed out in my bed and i drew on her face.

don't green out around white friends. learn from chapelle.

second adventure! tully, kate and i caught wind of this 24 hour kmart rumour that just so happens to be true! and right next to a 24 hour maccas! COULD IT BE MORE PERFECT.
so we spent an hour there buying work clothes and sweaters for tully and dvds and bubblegum machines for me. kate just stole some candy.
this is how we do:

then we ate maccas and did crosswords.

the end.

ps. happy birthday me!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

hate to say it

but fuck, i just want a fucking connection with someone. anyone! preferrably someone attractive. bonus!
some stimulating conversation; similar interests; something NEW.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

our recent escapades

slumber parties with kate: this is what you get.

Monday, April 27, 2009


checking in!

i am now officially blonde! i have the blistered scalp to prove it.
two bleach jobs, two toner jobs and a re-dye and i'm finally not yellow anymore.

more mobile photosss, they're just too fun.

so anders found a pair of ripped girls size 9 jeans on the side of the road the other night and decided to cut them into short shorts before he went out for dinner with his family at tony roma's. (real swank steakhouse near darling harbour - good fuckin ribs.)
simon models the outcome:

and apparently thats vegemite on his shirt. i dont believe him.

here is a picture of a fly on my can of coke. we were so out of it that day, and that fly was there. hence, a photo of a fly in my phone.

here is the bike i want.
and it just so happens to be my birthday next week.
c'monnnnnn internet stalkers!

dooooo it.

went for a smoke with boxhead and steve tonight. two very fine men.
*one fine man and one jedi-in-training.

my purse comes to life!

boxheads dark chocolate easter egg/my life companion.

no more to share. ni ni's.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

little shadow

changed my mind.
it's not that bad.

it's blitz!

does anyone like the new yeah yeah yeahs? cos i don't.

here are some things off my mobile that have happened recently.


this is the guy that mows our lawn with his dad. he is cute. i am a stalker.


kate digs firemen. this firetruck drove next to me and i had to take the opportunity to photo it and sms it to her. she creamed herself.


his plates read "XBOOMX". need i say more.


just another quiet day in lane cove, kate and i minding our business...old mate walks up to us and starts laughing his head off. then he walks away and we're left stunned.
then he comes back and points #5 out to us.


"ha ha ha you can see his bum! ha ha ha"


then rod stewart walks past, getting ready to set up shop.

(note: we later found out that he is actually a she.)

7. Photobucket

then missus walks past with her pants up high and her two different shoes on. its the homey ped vs masseur wars!


then back to kates for a sleep!


kate and her bffl facebook irl.


the stockings i bought for kate! with guest appearances by kate's lovely legs.


and finally, the dreaded yet necessary releasing of the security blanket. one bang down. carpark haircuts rprsnt.